How to make★Japanese Water Cake★aka Raindrop Cake~水信玄餅の作り方~(EP68)

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Today, I’m going to be making “Japanese Water Cake” aka “Raindrop cake”.

Have you ever seen the crystal clear jelly like this?  So interesting, right?

This cake was invented five years ago, by a Japanese patissier in Yamanashi prefecture.  Since this stunning dessert can be eaten at their place only, we have to make it at home!


★Japanese Water Cake★

<ingredients> 150 ml bowl ×3

400ml water

13g agar-agar

10g sugar

A pinch of salt


You will need agar-agar, sugar and water.  That’s it!  How simple is that!


Agar-agar is made from specific kinds of seaweed used to set the liquid just like gelatin.  The texture of agar-agar is more bouncy than gelatin.  It set at room temperature, so you don’t have to worry about melting.


Agar-agar powder is so fine that it’s not easy to dissolve with water without making lumps.   To avoid making lumps, add a little bit of sugar helps to dissolve.  Do you remember how to dissolve matcha powder without any lump?  It’s the same idea.


1.Mix agar-agar and sugar well in a dry bowl.  Add about a two tablespoon water and dissolve completely.  You have to mix well at this point.  Add some more water, and transfer to a pot.  Rinse all the liquid with the rest of the water.


2.Prepare three small bowls using as mold, the inside should be wet.  You can take out your cake easily.  Set an ice bath beside you.


3.Turn the heat to medium, cook until it comes to a boil, stir occasionally.  I add a pinch of salt to enhance a flavor.


4.When it comes to a boil, let them cool on an ice bath for a few minutes.


5.Agar-agar will set on room temperature as I said, it will set so quickly.  Pour the liquid into prepared mold evenly, before the liquid set.  Set in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours.


<”Kuromitsu” dark sugar syrup>


50g dark brown sugar

30g water

A pinch of salt


Put your dark sugar in a small pot with water, add a little bit of salt.  Bring to a boil and reduce until syrupy for a few minutes.  Let it cool until used.


Let’s take out the water cake from the mold.  In the shop, they use a disposable wooden tray, just like takoyaki.  Push down the edge all around, flip it over onto your palm.  Shake gently, and there you have a water cake!


Serve with “Kuromitsu” dark sugar syrup and Kinako.  Kinako is roasted soybean flour which we use quite often in Japanese baking.


bonus recipe!

<Homemake Kinako>roasted soy bean flour

You will need 1/2 cup soy beans

1. Rinse, soak in water for 6 hours.   After 6 hours, it fully re-hydrated.

2. Drain and pat dry.

Line them on a baking tray, Pop in the 160 ℃ oven for 30 mins or until well roasted and smells fragrant.  Leave in the oven until dry.

You can save some for your snack.  It’s taste good, and healthy, a good source of protein for vegan people.

Transfer to the mill mixer, process into fine powder like this.   It smells so good!



Look at that crystal clear jelly.  It’s almost like food for hermits hiding in a mysterious mountain!


The texture is bouncy jelly, the taste is nice sweet water itself!  Perfect summer sweets.  The combination of Kuromitsu and Kinako is very common in Japan.  We grew up eating with this taste, so, this is new and nostalgic at the same time.


I hope you will give it a try!


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