How to make ★Umeshu★Japanese Plum wine〜梅酒〜(EP106)

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Today we are making, “Plum wine” aka “Umeshu.”

I introduced you to plum syrup last week.

The syrup is for a daytime drink, Umeshu is for the evening.

Homemade Umeshu is so flavorful. You can add or reduce the amount of sugar to your liking.

Let’s get started!

1kg (2.2pounds) Green Plum
700g (1.5 pounds) rock sugar
1.5l (1.6 qt)White liquor ※Japanese Shochu is the best choice. Korean Soju or Gin works fine. The alcoholic content is 35% or more.

1. Let’s start with sanitize the jar. Pour boiling water all over the jar, and put it upside down on a rack. Leave it cool to touch.

Pour in a tablespoon of alcohol into the jar, swirl around the surface.
Wipe the opening with a paper towel.  Discard the rest of the liquor.

1. Choose firm and fresh green plum at the market. Wash under running water, changing the water several times.

2. Pat dry and take off the stem end using a skewer. If you find a plum with a dark spot, take away and discard. You don’t have to prick the surface this time.

3. Let’s assemble. Layer the prepared green plum and rock sugar in the jar.
The amount of sugar is determined to my taste. Traditional ratio is one to one, (1kg plum:1kg sugar) but it’s a little bit too sweet for me.

Pour the Shochu and store in cool dark place for at least a year.

After a year, the rock sugar is all melt, and the color turns light amber.

Let me taste! Pour over ice, swirl around and smells wonderful! The aroma is so refreshing and sweet, and a little bit of sourness balance everything so nice!

You can enjoy with fizzy water or water to make it light. I like on the rock.

My 3-year-old plum wine’s color turns dark amber, and the taste is deeper. It loses the fresh aroma, but tastes milder. Which one would you like to try? Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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