How to make ★Stuffed whole cabbage★丸ごとロールキャベツの作り方(EP94)

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Welcome to kitchen princess bamboo, Japanese everyday food.
Today I’m going to be making “Stuffed Whole cabbage.”

Stuffed cabbage, roll cabbage in Japanese, is one of the most popular western-style Japanese dishes. I like it, but it takes time to prepare to roll them up.

I made it simple but looks better than regular individual sized stuffed cabbage!

One head of cabbage ※about 2 pounds
200g ( 7 oz.) ground chicken
1/2~1/4 (1.7oz) onion
1/2 teaspoon salt
One clove garlic
One egg white
Two tablespoons potato starch

〈Tomato sauce〉
Two cubes chicken soup
One cup (200ml) of water
One can tomato
One teaspoon cornstarch dissolves in same amount water

1) Let’s prepare cabbage first. I am using a head of spring cabbage, which weighs about 2 pounds. If you are using a winter cabbage, it might weigh 3 pounds. Take off the outer leaf.

Insert the tip of the knife around the core. Take out the core, and dig a halfway, about 10 cm in diameter. You want to have a nice size of the hall to stuff your filling.

2) Now let’s prepare the filling. Chop your onion into small pieces, as well as cabbage you have just taken out.

Put your ground chicken in a medium bowl. Add egg white, salt and pepper, and potato starch. Egg white and potato starch bind everything tight. Mix well until sticky. When it look like this, add onion and cabbage and mix until evenly distributed.

3) Stuff the filling in the hall tightly. Tap gently to remove the air bubbles.
It depends on the size of the cabbage how much the filling in goes. Keep the leftover on your hand for later use.

4) Put the stuffed cabbage into the pressure cooker, line an outer leaf underneath. Add laurel leave, chicken cubes, and water. Put the lid on and turn the heat to medium-high. Cook 15 munites after the steam comes out from the weight. Adjust the time to your pressure cooker. You can use standerd heavy bottom pot. If so, cook about an hour or until being cooked .

5) Turn the heat off and leave the pressure cooker until the entire steam comes out. Take out the cabbage by using two spoons onto your serving dish. Carefully flip it over. Take off the outer leaf which we lined underneath. Keep warm while we are finishing the sauce.

6) Add a can of diced tomato, bring it to a boil. This is optional but add broccoli and the leftover filling shaped into a ping-pong ball.

Put the lid on and cook 3 minutes until cooked through.

Add potato starch solution to thicken the sauce.

Pour onto the cabbage and there you have stuffed whole cabbage!

Cut the cabbage as we do to the cake. It is so tender and smells fantastic!

Serve with a generous amount of tomato sauce, which contains the sweet juice from the cabbage.

Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

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