How to make ★Shrimp Pressed Sushi★~えび押し寿司の作り方~(EP62)

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Today, I am going to be making “Shrimp pressed sushi”

This video is dedicated to one of my dearest viewers, Joann.  She has been watching my video, from the very first, and giving me comments and suggestions all the time.  Her mother is Japanese and passed away recently.  Joann said she had a good time with her mother talking about my Japanese cooking video in the last days.

The story touched me so much.  I couldn’t imagine I would help people in this way when I started the channel.  It’s such an honor making today’s video.  Thanks for sharing your life with me Joann!

Her mother loved shrimp and sushi, so I made a very special recipe for her in heaven. I hope she will like it.

Speaking of ancestor’s memorial, we have “Obon” holidays on August 13th to 15th. ( depends on local regulation)

“Obon” is our tradition in Buddism.

We welcome the spirits of our ancestors during “Obon” holidays.  Some of you might know it is also a time when the most Japanese people can take a long holiday, so many people go traveling during “Obon.”

However, basically, it is one of the two biggest family gathering seasons. (The other is new year holidays.)

We prepare the offerings to the ancestors, which they liked, like fruits, confections and even cigarettes.

Especially, if it’s the first “Obon”  for a person, it’s going to be a special one.  We often invite monk to our house to give us  We called it “Hatsu-Bon” means “the first Obon”.  This is the recipe for “Hatsu-bon” of Joann’s mom!


Let’s get start cooking!


★Shrimp pressed sushi★


<ingredients>for 1 pressed sushi(L18cm×W6cm×H8cm )+ several sushi balls.

15 to 16 shrimp

2 tablespoons sake ※you can substitute for water

3 large eggs

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

3 cups cooked short grain rice

3 tablespoons sushi vinegar  ※please see below

5 to 6 shiso leaves ※Japanese herb.  You can skip it.

2 tablespoons toasted white sesame seeds

Pickled ginger ※optional


<easy sushi vinegar> ※prepare a day before if you use kombu kelp

1/2 cup rice vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 kombu-tea or 1 piece of kombu kelp(10×5cm=4inch×2inch)


  1. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt to shrimp and rub to remove any unpleasant smells. Rinse under the running water.  Insert a skewer to swimmerets to prevent curling when it cooked.


  1. Place shrimp in a frying pan.  Sprinkle sake over it.  Turn the heat to medium, then put the lid on.  When it comes to a simmer, turn off the heat.  Leave it until comes to room temperature, so that the shrimp cooked through. ※in this “Sake-Steaming” method, shrimp keep its taste and moistness.


  1. While cooling, crack eggs into shallow measuring cup, beat until yolks and whites combine.  Add salt and sugar and mix well until evenly


  1. Heat a medium size pot over medium heat, add the oil and swirl to cover the surface. Here comes a fun part. Pour the egg mixture, then stir constantly with 4 chopsticks until the egg forms coarse crumb.  4 chopsticks enables us to cook faster, also make smaller scrambled egg.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It took 5 to 6 minutes from start to finish.  If you use 2 chopsticks, you have to turn on and off the heat to cook evenly.  This is basically a very small scrambled egg but sweeter and smaller, goes well with rice.  The egg called “Egg soboro”.  Set aside.


  1. Next, let’s prepare easy sushi vinegar.  Put all the ingredients in a bottle, then shake well to dissolve the sugar and salt.  Kombu goes into the bottle and leave in to steep the umami.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Alternatively, you can add powdered Kombu kelp called “Kombu-cha”(this is the real kombu-cha!  The fermented kind of tea as you know in the market is a mistranslation!)


The sushi vinegar keeps well in the fridge for a few months.  Take out the kombu kelp after a month before it                gets slimy.


  1. The shrimp is at room temperature at that time, let’s continue preparing it.  Take off the skewer by rotating it.  Remove the swimmerets then take off the shell from the head side.  When the shell is peal off to the tail, pull out the tail.  Continue shelling until done.  Make a slit from the swimmerets side, then carefully open taking care not to cut through.  If there is a vein, remove with tip of the knife or rinse under the water.


  1. Line the shrimp on a tray in single layer and drizzle a small amount of sushi vinegar over it to make it taste better.


  1. Next, let’s mince the shiso leaves for sushi rice. We tend to add some aromatics to the rice for pressed sushi to make it even better. Pile up the shiso leaves then cut off the stem end.  Roll them up then mince.


  1. Put hot steamed rice into a bowl, drizzle sushi vinegar to it. Mix with your rice paddle or spatula until evenly distribute in a cutting motion.  The amount of sushi vinegar is all up to you.  If you like more sour taste, add more sushi vinegar.   Add sesame seeds and minced shiso leaves and mix.


In that case, use a fan to dry out the excess moisture.   I don’t use wooden sushi rice mixing bowl in my kitchen            on a daily basis.  It needs a special care and big and need certain space for keeping.  No significant difference                between them.  I like to make your life (and mine) easier.


  1. All the ingredients are all set, let’s assemble. Take out pound cake tin. Wash clean and make sure no crumbs of cake is not on the surface. Spray alcoholic spray if you have, you can definately skip this, ‘cause this is my occupational habit.  Line a piece of plastic wrap, then line a piece of parchment paper for easy handling.


  1. The bottom comes to the top. Line the shrimp upside down, no space in between.  In goes the sushi rice, a spoonful in each time.  When it comes to just before half in height, Place another piece of plastic wrap on top, then flatten the surface with another pound cake tin.  Press to stick each other.  Perfect!  Don’t press too hard otherwise your sushi become too hard, and if you don’t press enough, your sushi will collapse when you cut it.  If you don’t have 2 same size tin, you can use cardboard or even folk will work fine.


  1. Put about 3 tablespoons of egg Soboro, flatten the surface roughly. Place the plastic wrap again then press again.


  1. Fill with sushi rice, Then press for the last time.


  1. Flip it over to a plate, then take off the mold.


  1. Now, make ball sushi with the leftover.  Make a ping -pong size sushi ball then wrap ith around the shrimp.  Place a tablespoon of egg soboro on a plastic wrap, the put the sushi riceball on top.  Squeeze and put the ingredients together.


  1. Cut the pressed sushi with knife dampened with a damp towel. Transfer to a serving dish, and it’s ready to enjoy!


I’d like to serve with miso soup. I think this is do-able recipe for wherever you live.  Bring to a party and give                 your friends a surprise!

I hope you like it and give it a try!


I think the people who have so much in common get together not only in the real community but also the                      virtual community like here in my channel.   I would love to share the contents helpful to you cooking lovers!


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