How to make ★Plum Jam★〜梅ジャム〜(EP107)

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Today I will be making, Plum Jam. Some of you questioned me what happen to the used green plum of the last video. And the answer is this.

You can make a jam of plum of its own, but I want it to be more special. I add raisin for natural sweetness, and walnuts for the clunch.

Let’s get started!

20 pieces green plum used in syrup or plum wine

→yeild 230g plum puree

20% of sugar for the total amount of green plum

Two tablespoons raisin
Two tablespoons walnuts

1. The plums dark in color is taken out from the plum wine. The shrink
plums are taken out from syrup. Put them in a pot and add water half an inch from the bottom.

Turn on the heat and simmer for 10 minutes with the lid.

After 10 minutes, it should look like this. The flesh is soft to the touch, almost fall off from the stone.

2. Leave it until it comes to room temperature. Crush with your hand and discard the stone. It looks very primitive, but I found this is the most efficient way to correct the flesh as much as we can. Apricot or other stone fruits can be done in this way as well.

3. Taste it before adding sugar. It tastes almost OK, but I want it to be just a little bit sweeter. I decided to add 20% of the amount of total weight. A small amount of sugar makes it even better. Add more or less to your liking.

4. Bring it to a boil and stir until your sugar dissolve. Add raisin and roasted walnut and turn the heat off.

5. While the jam still hot, transfer to a sterilized jar if you want to keep longer on your pantry. Seal tightly and place it upside down. Leave it until it comes to room temperature. This step will remove the air inside , and it creates a vacuum effect.

If you are not going to keep it long, transfer to a clean jar and keep in a fridge.

Here is how I enjoy the jam.

Put cream cheese onto your favorite cracker, and spoon your plum jam over it. This is my favorite snack. You can serve them as an appetizer at your home party as well.

I like the best is on toast. My plum jam makes your daily toast special!

Or sometimes I enjoy it with yogurt.

Today, I made a small batch of jam. You can double or triple the recipe.

Here is a tip to make a gift. Cover with a piece of paper and rubber band. Tie a bow if you have on your hand. Put a sticker to show what’s inside. How pretty is that! Your friend will please with your handmade jam.

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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