How to make ★Japanese Green Plum Syrup★〜梅シロップの作り方〜(EP105)

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Today I am going to show you how to make, Japanese Green Plum syrup.

There’s nothing but the cold Ume syrup and fizzy water at this time of year. I think it is like lemonade for American people.

Citric acid contained in green plum helps recovery from the fatigue in hot and humid Japanese summer.

Green plum is available a very short season. When I find fresh green plum at the market, buy it without any hesitation.

Let’s get started!

★Japanese Green Plum Syrup★

Ikg Green plum =Ume in Japanese, Meshil-jeop in Korean
1kg Rock sugar

1. Choose the good green plum which is firm, flesh, no dark spot or scratch on the surface.
Finding good green plum is the most difficult part of this recipe.

2. Wash the green plum thoroughly, by changing the water a couple of times. If you find plum with scratch or dark spot, get rid of it at this stage.

3.Pat dry on a towel.
Remove the stem end by hand or skewer.
Then, prick all over the surface.
Line the plum on a tray, and pop it into a freezer.

This is my method to shorten the time to draw out the extract from green plum quickly. When you freeze the plum, the moisture will crystalize and break the cell.

4. While freezing the plum, let’s prepare the jar. Pour boiling water all over the jar. Make sure you are wearing the gloves. Be careful not to burn your hands.

Place on a rack upside down to dry out the moisture.

When it cool to touch, add in a small amount of gin, which contains a high percentage of alcohol. Any alcohol is work as well.

Swirl around the inside to sanitize, and discard the gin.

The jar should be very clean to make green plum syrup safely. If there are bacteria, it will go bad.

5. The next day, the green plums are completely frozen.

These are Rock sugar. We use it only for Ume syrup or Umeshu. It dissolves slowly, which helps to draw out all the extract from the plum effectively.

Layer the plums and sugar in the jar we prepared.

Look at that beauty of nature. Store in cool dark place.

The next day, it should look like this. Rock sugar draws out moisture from the plum. Shake the jar to moisten the plum.

After a week, it should look like this! It’s OK to go already.
If you don’t freeze or prick all over, it will take at least a month.

Let me introduce another one. I found a new kind of plum, which is much smaller and the color is pink.

I the procedure is the same but used granulated sugar instead, for the small fruits.

It takes a week or so, it should look like this. I love the color! So cute!

I like to drink the Ume syrup with fizzy water. You can enjoy with just a water as well. Tastes so refreshing! When you feel tired, Ume syrup takes away your fatigue! Give it a try!


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