How to make ★Homemade Fried Rice★better than take out!~焼飯の作り方~(EP70)

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Today, I’m going to be making, fried rice.

Fried rice, or ”Chahan” (焼飯)in Japanese is a very popular lunch menu.

It’s not easy to make Chinese restaurant style kind of ”dry” texture at home because the heat is not high like a professional kitchen.

My recipe is arranged to homemade version and everybody likes it. Lettuce gives a nice kick to it!  Cooking time takes within ten minutes from start to finish.


Let’s get started!



★Homemade Fried Rice★


<ingredients>2 servings

2 large eggs

50g (=2oz) Chashu ※Cut into 1cm (=1/3 inch) dice

500g cooked rice ※leftover is the best

A couple of lettuce leaves

3 stalks scallion

1 teaspoon chicken stock powder ※preferably no MSG added

1/2 teaspoon salt

Pepper to taste

1 teaspoon soy sauce

2 tablespoon vegetable oil


  1. Tear lettuce leaves into an inch pieces. Chop scallion into thin slices.  Cut chashu into dice.  (I always keep the end part of Chashu for fried rice! )  Or you can use ham, sausages, spam, any meat you have on hand.   The cutting is done!


  1.  Crack the eggs and beat well with my egg folk.  This is going to cut egg white fast and the egg’s mixed perfectly.


  1. Reheat your cooked rice in the microwave.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Some people say the rice should be cold to make dry and less crumbly fried rice.  But Japanese short grain rice is stickier than the long grain or medium grain rice.  It’s not easy to break up all the grain, so it should be warm.  If you using long grain which has drier texture, go ahead use chilled.


  1. Heat the non-stick wok on high, add in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Swirl the oil all over the surface.  I’m always testing the pan by dropping the egg, if it’s cooked immedieately,  pour the egg mixture.  Using spatula, make soft scrumble egg and take out.


  1. Clean the wok and heat on high. When the wok gets enough heat, add in vegetable oil.   Swirl the pan and cover the surface, then add in rice.  Break up the rice using a spatula.  Cook a minute or two until all grains are coated with the oil.  Toss the rice in the wok to evaporate the moisture as much as you can.


  1. Add chopped chashu pork and cook until heated through and evenly mixed in the rice. Chashu will help breaking up the rice.


  1. Season with chicken stock powder, or you can use dashi powder if you wanted to, and salt.   Toss to season evenly.


  1. Add in torn lettuce, and chopped scallions. Toss everything until the lettuce wilted a little.  Put the egg back in and mix well.


  1. Add in my soy sauce from the egde, and toss to evenly seasoned. The aroma of soy sauce would maximized.  And it’s almost done!


Transfer to a dish, and serve immediately.  Smell so good!  The rice should be fluffy and each grain should be seasoned well.  The lettuce adds crunchiness.  And gives fried rice a fresh twist.


We never take out fried rice in Japan, because it’s that easy!


Give it a try and let me know how yours turned out!


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