How to make ★Bento in 30 minutes★in the morning~朝の30分で仕上げるお弁当~(EP65)

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Today, I’m going to show you how to make Bento in 30 minutes.

Let’s put everything together the food we prepared in advance!

The first thing we do is setting the rinsed rice in the rice cooker.  This step applies for each Bento.

It takes 27 minutes with my rice cooker.  If you have frozen rice on hand, skip this step and re-heat the rice after finish cooking Okazu.

★Kid’s Bento★


Let’s start with kids Bento.  We make, Tsukune meatball, heart-shaped tamagoyaki, octopus sausage, broccoli,  carrot namul which means Korean side dish as you see on bibimbap.


Octopus sausage   -25 mins. left.

Cut a slit 2/3 way up to the length, rotate 90 degrees and make another slit. Then make a slit on each strip.  Now you have 8 legs.  The legs wide open when it cooked.

Steamed broccoli 

In the same pan, add broccoli and a splash of water and salt.  Cover and cook on medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Vegetable rolled pork cutlet -20 mins. left

Meanwhile, start heating the oil in a small pot, deep fry the veggie rolled cutlet when the oil reaches 160℃.

Tsukune meat ball -10 mins. left

Clean and put the pan on a medium heat, add a little bit of vegetable oil.

Drop the Tsukune filling in the bite-size, spread with back of a tablespoon.  Cover with the lid, cook for 3 minutes.

Flip and cook another 2 minutes, then add Teriyaki seasonings.

※Check previous video for the detailed instruction. Bento prep.

Tamagoyaki -5 mins. left.

Meanwhile, prepare Tamagoyaki.

※Check previous video for the detailed instruction. How to make Tamagoyaki 

Potato salad wrapped in ham  -o min left.

This is totally optional, but you can make easy potato salad roll.  Scrab a potato well, then cook in the microwave for 2 mintnutes on 800w. Peel and mash, season with salt and pepper, splash of milk to give it a smooth texture, then add Japanese mayo.  Cut sliced hum in half and wrap and roll it up.

If you have leftover from a night before, use it!  This is my son’s all -time favorite.

We are running out of our time!

Don’t count it as one of the Okazu, please.  Because I had a situation to shooting the video. Lol.  You can skip it!

How to pack 

Foods are all set!

Oh my, it passed 30 minutes already!  It happens to me all the time. lol.

Make 2 rice balls, one is wrapped in Nori seaweed, one is sprinkled with Furikake (= topping to season rice.)

Line the Bento box with a few pieces of lettuce to prevent from slipping, then start packing from the food which is stable, in this case, Tamagoyaki.

Then, potato salad wrapped in hum, vegetables fill in alnminium cup to divide the taste.  Pack into the Bento box nicely, with no space in between.  Push to make sure there are no gaps.  The foods should be in the place until lunch time.

There you have a bento for kids!


How to use frozen Tsukune meat ball

Here is how to use frozen Tsukune meatball.

Take out onto a tray and cook in the microwave for about 2 minutes on 600W. (Adjust the time)

Put a teaspoon of miso, honey and butter in a microwavable bowl.  Cook 1 minutes on 600w.  Combine them together.  There you have miso-honey grazed Tsukune meatball in a minute!  You can use other sauce of your favorite.


★Teenager’s Bento★


Marinate Karaage  -28 min left.

Cut chicken thigh into chunks, transfer to a ziplock bag, add salt, sake and ginger.  Rub and marinate overnight.

In the morning, add mirin and soy sauce. Leave it while cooking other Okazu.

Sauteed sausage -25 min left.

Sautee sausage which has been scored diagonally.

Carrot namul -23min left.

Shred carrot by using “shred peeler”.  This is a very useful kitchen tool to use busy morning.

Heat the frying pan on medium.  Add a little bit of vegetable oil, then start cooking sausage.  Add sesame oil onto the other side of the pan, add carrot.  Sautee until softened for a couple of minutes.  Season with salt and a dash of garlic powder.  Garlic powder gives vegetable Okazu a nice aroma, but the after taste is not too strong as raw garlic.

Red bell pepper can be a substitution.  It tastes good and looks appealing, rich in nutrition at the same time.

Broccoli in sesame dressing -20min left.

Steam broccoli, in the same frying pan.  Transfer to a small bowl, then add salt and sushi vinegar.  Toss to coat.  Add ground sesame seed.

This broccoli tastes a kind of pickles, with a Japanese twist.

Deep fry Karaage -15min left.

Heat a generous amouont of oil in a small pot, dust marinated chicken with potato starch.  Deep fry them when the oil reaches 160℃.  It takes 3 to 4 minutes, let’s cook Tamagoyaki while deep frying.

Tamagoyaki  -10min left.

While deep frying, Beat the eggs, then add seasonings.  Cook on medium.  The detailed video is here.

Potato salad wrapped in ham  -5min left.

Instruction is above.

How to pack 

Now, the foods are all set, it took me 25~30 mins from the start, we are right on time.

Pack the rice, in the lower tier.  Put the Umeboshi on top.  Umeboshi has antibacterial effect.

Line the lettuce on upper tier, fill the food nicely.

Tamagoyaki should be in the size of the depth of the box.  Check the video, how to pack.

There you go the teenager Bento!


How to use frozen Karaage

For the frozen Karaage, take out onto kitchen paper lined tray.  Re-heat in the microwave (600w) for 1 minute and 30 sec.

Meanwhile, Put a small frying pan on medium heat, add a tablespoon of rice syrup or honey, 2 teaspoons soy sauce and a splash of vinegar.  Reduce until syrupy, then toss to coat.  There you have “sweet’n sour Karaage”

You can replace the sauce to chili sauce or oyster sauce.  It is so versatile!



Last but not least, Bento for grown-ups.

★grown-ups Bento★


Cook simmered kabocha squash  -28 min left.

Cook kabocha squash a night before.  Or you can cook in the morning.  It doesn’t take much time.

Grilled salmon -25 min left.

Pat dry the excess moisture lightly salted salmon, cut into 3.  Trim the bone. Lightly salted salmon is very popular in Japan.  You can make your own, by Sprinkling 1% salt of the salmon weigh, leave in the fridge overnight.  Pat dry, then you can cook in the same way.

Tamagoyaki with scallion -20 min left.

While grilling salmon, cook Tamagoyaki with scallion.  Mix eggs and seasonings well, then add chopped scallion.  Cook like always.   Cut into 4, center cuts should be in size of the depth of Bento box.  You don’t want your Tamagoyaki hiding in another Okazu.

Green bell pepper “Ohitashi” (lightly marinate in soy sauce based seasoning) -15 min left.

While cooking, Shred a bell pepper into match sticks.  Microwave it for a minute on 600w.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt and splash of say sauce.  Toss in bonito flakes to absorb the excess moisture and adding the flavor at the same time.

Sauteed Shimeji mushroom -10 min left.

Clean the same frying pan as we used for salmon, Heat the pan on medium, add sesame oil, add in the shimeji mushroom.  Cook until wilt, then season with salt and garlic powder, as always.  Sesame oil and garlic powder makes any vegetable tastes wonderful.

Vegetable rolled pork teriyaki sauce -8 min left.

Prepare vegetable pork roll as well.

Clean the same frying pan as we used for salmon, Heat the pan on medium, add sesame oil, add in the shimeji mushroom.  Cook until wilt, then season with salt and garlic powder, as always.  Sesame oil and garlic powder makes any vegetable tastes wonderful.

Place the rolled pork end side down.  Cook until done, then add teriyaki sauce.  When it nicely done, take out and leave to cool.  Cut into two.


How to pack

Pack the rice by using the divider.  Take off the divider, then line the box with lettuce and shiso leaves.  Start packing with Tamagoyaki, then rolled pork.  Fill bell pepper, and shimeji.  Then pack simmered kabocha squash.

Put Umeboshi and grilled salmon.

There you have a Bento for grown ups.  Less fat but rich in protein.  Balanced meal keep your appetite longer than the store bought food.


I always pack 5 Okazu in a Bento, but you don’t have to go 5.   3 is good, like this!  This for a sports day. It looks overwhelming but it is not difficult!  These are just an ordinary everyday Okazu, which I have shown in the video.


I hope the Bento series is helpful for you!  Give it a try and let me know how yours turned out!


I am thinking about what if Japanese mom try to make American lunch box for back to school. How does it sound?  See you in a week!


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