How to make★Bamboo shoot rice★Japanese spring delicacy 〜たけのこご飯そぼろのせ〜(EP96)

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Today, I am making Bamboo shoot rice with Chicken Soboro.

Bamboo shoot is a young and tender bamboo, a seasonal delicacy in Japan and the other South-East Asian countries.

Crispy texture and the flavor that comes with a little bit of bitterness…it’s all spring!

Let’s get start it!

200g~220g ( 8 oz.) bamboo shoot ※preboiled, or canned
1/2 piece Abura-age or Koya tofu ※Both of them are made from Tofu
2+1/4 cups (540ml) short grain rice ※preferably Japanese short grain rice
4 tablespoons light soy sauce ※ you can use regular soy sauce
3 tablespoons mirin
3 tablespoon sake ※replace with water if you don’t have
1+2/3 cups (380ml) dashi

〈chicken Soboro〉
200g ground chicken
2 tablespoons sake
2 tablespoons mirin
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger

1) First, let’s make Chicken Soboro. Chicken Soboro is a traditional topping for rice. It goes so well with rice. I always make it in a big batch and keep it in the fridge for a quick lunch or dinner.

Put your ground chicken into a frying pan, add in sake. Distribute sake into your ground chicken with 3 to 4 chopsticks, before turning the heat on.

2)Turn the heat to medium, cook until the color turns white, constantly stir to break all the grains apart.

3) After 4 to 5 minutes, it should look like this. I don’t like the gamy smell so I always discard the liquid released from the meat. Wash the pan and get it back to the clean pan. Add the rest of the seasonings. Cook until almost all the seasonings are absorbed. Set aside until used.

4)Next, let’s prepare the rice. Rinse the rice quickly. Pour water to cover, and pour out the water. Swish your hand several times, then pour generous amount of water. Pour out quickly, then repeat the process one more time.

Pour out onto the sieve. Keep the rinsed water to water your plants.

5) Chop your aburaage or Koya tofu into small pieces.

6)Slice the bamboo shoot in bite-size pieces. Slice the bottom part against the grain, along the grain the upper part. In this way, you can enjoy the texture.

7) Today, I use rice cooker to cook the rice. Transfer the rinsed rice into a rice bowl cooker. Add all the seasonings, then pour dashi to the mark. Give it a quick stir, put Koya tofu and bamboo shoots onto the rice. Turn on the cooker.

You can cook in a heavy bottom pot instead. Put all the ingredients and cook on medium heat until it comes to a boil with the lid on. Stir to even the rice. Turn the heat to low and cook 10 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes and it’s done!

While cooking let’s make something special. Take out the leftover daikon radish pickles from the last week. Cut in half, then roll it up to shape like flower. Beautiful, isn’t it?

8) Now let’s finish the rice. Fluff the rice with the rice paddle. Transfer the rice to a shallow bowl. The bottom part is browning, it’s the most fragrant part and I like it to be in my portion.

Spoon the Soboro that we made earlier over the bamboo shoot rice. Place a piece of boiled blossom rape plant
, and it’s done!

Alternatively, you can make it into an Onigiri. Take out a piece of plastic. Place a tablespoon Soboro, two tablespoons rice. Hold them tightly together, and there you have a lovely rice ball!

Make picnic basket with a various rice ball and go out for enjoy the spring!

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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