How to make ★$10 Kobe Beef steak★~神戸牛ステーキの焼き方~(EP57)

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Today I’m going to be making, $10 Kobe beef steak!  As I have mentioned before, my husband is from Kobe.  (And I was born in Himeji, in the same prefecture.  Currently, I live in Nara prefecture.)

The store in our parent’s house in Kobe has good varieties of Wagyu beef at a very reasonable price.

It’s in a residential area located on the east edge of Kobe.  It’s not a high-end store, but their varieties of wagyu beef is excellent!

Well, there is another luxury store nearby but the price is higher for the same quality.

You can find the fine cuts with very nice fatty marbled beef in our store at the very reasonable price.  Today, I choose an inner shoulder steak with beautiful marbled fat at only $10!  Good deal, right?

We sometimes ask the butcher to keep us the best chateau brian on a Bday or a some special occasion.  In that case, we pay $25 a cut, at the maximum.  No bad?!  They are so trustworthy and I love their beef so much!

There are several kinds of wagyu beef in the store, like Miyazaki, Yamagata and Matsuzaka.  Each produce has its own character.  I like the Kobe the best among all those beef, for its juiciness, and tenderness and sweetness of fat.  The flavor when it grilled, it tastes just wonderful.  And I don’t know it is appropriate word to use for beef but I think the texture of meat fiber is fine, almost “silky”.

If you happen to come to Kobe, I recommend to stay at a condo with kitchen and cook the legendary Kobe beef at your place.  Kobe is less crowded compare to Kyoto and Osaka.  Moreover, there is many place to see and I am sure that you can have a quality time.  And you can go to the Himeji castle (where I was born!) which is the most beautiful castle in Japan, and it is a world heritage site.   You will get there in half an hour from Kobe by JR train.

Let’s get start cooking!

★$10 Kobe Beef Steak★


per one serving

A cut of kobe beef steak (100~120g per cut)

A pinch of salt (0.7%~0.8% of steak weight)

Freshly ground black pepper


  1. Take out your steak from the fridge and bring to room temperature. It’s going to take a few hours.  This is the most important step in grilling the Wagyu beef.

2.Start heating the grill pan on high Pat dry the steak and sprinkle salt and pepper on one side. Place your steak             ont0 the grill seasoned side down, season the other side.

3.Cook it on high heat for about a minutes or so, then rotate the steak 45 degrees angle. Cook another 30 second,           Flip it over and cook another one minute.  The cooking time varies for its size and preference.  Adjust the

Cooking time to your liking.  I like my steak medium rare, so I don’t want to overcook it.

4.Take out onto a tray, then rest it for a few minutes. The juice will set while resting. Cut into strips with very                   sharp knife.

Transfer to a plate and serve immediately.

I like to serve with vegetable and potato gratin.

Wasabi soy sauce goes very well, since Kobe beef is fatty and sweet.

Another recommendation is mustard soy sauce.

We like enjoy the beef with rice and miso soup.

I want to have nice cut of Kobe beef on the special day like accomplishing something.

The cravings for meat happens me once or twice a year for me.  How often are you eating the steak?  Let me                 know in the comment!


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