How to make ★Sukiyaki★ in Kansai style~すき焼きの作り方~(EP42)

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Today I will show you how to make ”Sukiyaki” in Kansai style.

This is the 4th and the last of the requested series. Thank you for your request!

As some of you may know, “Sukiyaki” is one of the most famous Japanese cuisines in the world.

We eat this delicious hot pot on the special occasion like birthday or family gathering or the new year’s eve.

Actually, this is so easy to make! You just want to prepare the ingredients and cook on the dining table.

Let’s get started with preparing the ingredients.


Serves 3~4

500 g (1.1pounds) beef loin or sirloin(thinly sliced).  Beautifully marbled Wagyu is the best choice

2 yellow onions

1 package (400 g ≒14 oz.) konjac yam noodles(shirataki)

1/2  block (200g ≒7oz.)firm tofu

1/2 bunch spinach

1 package enoki mushroom

1 egg per person

Udon noodles ※optional

1/2 cup(120ml) Soy Sauce
1/4 cup sake(60 ml)

1/4cup sugar

Water as required to keep the consistency of broth


・Cut the onions into 1 cm (1/2 in.) widths crosswise.

・Parboil the konjac noodles and then cut into easy-to-eat lengths by kitchen shears.

・Cut the firm tofu into equal pieces.

・Remove the stems from the enoki mushrooms.

・Wash spinach thoroughly.

・Place beef on a tray.

※Napa cabbege, long green onion is also popular.

・Combine soy sauce and sake in a jar or bowl with a spout to easy handling.

・While waiting the sukiyaki, beat the egg use as dipping sauce. Make sure to choose pasteurized egg.


1.Heat the cast iron Sukiyaki pan or skillet on the medium-high heat using a portable gas stove. Grease the entire surface of the pan with tallow or vegetable oil.

2.Sprinkle about a tablespoon of sugar onto the pan and let them melt, when half of the sugar melt, place a few slices of beef.

3.Pour about a tablespoon of soy sauce and sake mixture. Cook to your liking, take it out to your egg.

Dip into egg and have it in one bite. So good!

Imagine how tasty the fatty Wagyu beef cooked in the savory flavor of soysauce mixed with sweetness of sugar.   And it’s heavenly good when it’s dressed in a raw egg.

Moreover, I like to eat the egg-dipped sukiyaki beef on top of hot steamed rice.   My mouse is waterly even just imagine!Lol.

4.Place the second batch of beef in tha pan, add sake or water to prevent scorching. Add some more sugar and soy sauce and sake mixture. Cook to your liking and enjoy!

Once you are satisfied with Wagyu beef, move on to the other ingredients.

5.Add prepared ingredients into the pot, and pour water as much as you need to cook.

Add soy sauce and sake mixture and sugar to taste.

I like the onion the best. The sweetness of cooked onion meets the savory broth from the beef, makes such a wonderful flavor. Some people like to add long green onion, but I prefer onion. However, there is no rule what to add, so enjoy making your own sukiyaki.

When the broth is reduced, add water or sake to prevent from scorching.

Add more beef in the simmering liquid after cooking the other ingredients. In this way, you going to have soft cooked beef. We like it as well.

6.Add udon noodles as a “closing” ingredient.

It is very important for us how to use up the flavorful broth in pot.

We call it “Shime” which means closing or ending. 

Cook udon noodles in the pot until it absorbs all the broth, and taste.

It’s so satisfying! I hope you will give it a try soon!


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