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How to make ★Homemade Teriyaki sauce & Sushi vinegar★~照り焼きソース&すし酢~(EP101)

I am extremely busy this week.  But I want to share with you a short and simple recipe. Today I want to share with you, how to make homemade teriyaki […]

How to make★Miso dzuke★Japanese Miso marinade fish, chicken and pork~100 video give away!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to ”Miso dzuke.” ”Miso dzuke” is a classic Japanese Washoku dish, which frequently seen in Bento. It has a savory and a strong flavor, […]

Today I am going to be making, Cream Stew in Japanese style. It’s spring! Cherry blossoms are about to bloom in Japan. We have the return of chilly days in […]

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Japanese Food Culture

Story about Japanese food traditional to regional.As an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Japanese food culture has unique background.


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