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How to make★Japanese Bread Rolls★〜ロールパンの作り方〜(EP98)

Today, we are making, Japanese bread rolls, in Japanese, Roll Pan. Bread rolls are very popular bread as well as Shokupan. The ratio is richer than Shokupan. We serve it […]

How to make★Bamboo shoot rice★Japanese spring delicacy 〜たけのこご飯そぼろのせ〜(EP96)

Today, I am making Bamboo shoot rice with Chicken Soboro. Bamboo shoot is a young and tender bamboo, a seasonal delicacy in Japan and the other South-East Asian countries. Crispy […]

How to make ★Vegan Sushi★for Japanese Girl’s Day!〜野菜寿司の作り方〜(EP95)

Welcome to Kitchen Princess Bamboo, Japanese Everyday food. Today I’m going to be making, vegetable sushi for Girl’s Day. On the 3rd of March, we celebrate the Girl’s Day in […]

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Story about Japanese food traditional to regional.As an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Japanese food culture has unique background.


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