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How to make ★Holiday Wreath Tart★ホリディリースタルト(EP82)

Today, I want to share with you how to make “Holiday wreath tart”. It’s December, it’s the baking season on the planet.  As many of you know, we celebrate Xmas […]

One day trip to KYOTO~calm and quiet places to visit~京都一日遠足~(EP)

Today, for a change, I will show you my one day trip to Kyoto.  As you know, Kyoto is listed on as the No.1 destination for travel.  Therefore there are […]

How to make ★Chawanmushi★Japanese steamed egg~あんかけ茶碗蒸しレシピ~(EP81)

Today I’m making “Chawanmushi”, Japanese steamed egg.   The Japanese streamed egg should be silky smooth, and nothing but the aroma from the Dashi.   It’s the warm comfort food of […]

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Japanese Food Culture

Story about Japanese food traditional to regional.As an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Japanese food culture has unique background.


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